Leasing Services

ORIX China is the leading enterprise in China's leasing industry. With a professional team boasting rich experience and providing one-stop services related to financial leasing, operating leasing and after-sales services and management for a range of equipment, the corporation can satisfy client's various requirements. The corporation's industry-leading leasing service provides clients in China with the most appropriate customized leasing solutions.

Mainland China




  The corporation provides leasing services for competitive industries and high-quality industries such as state-owned equipment, manufacturing, emerging technologies, energy conservation and environmental protection, information technology, living consumption, etc.

Combined with the infrastructure construction of the city and public utility, we apply methods of financial leasing flexibly to solve equipment funding for infrastructure construction. ORIX liquidizes remnant assets and precipitation funds via the leaseback of constructed infrastructure to ease financial pressures.
We give play to the leverage strength of funds of financial leasing to provide financial support for the construction of industrial parks, the attraction of business and investment and the circulation of relocation and transformation of government at all levels, and promote enterprises to enter into the park to centralize development.

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  Carry out financial leasing business on a national scale:

Industrial equipment field: metal and nonmetal processing equipment based on machine tools.
Printing field: high-quality brand printers and auxiliary equipment.
Construction machinery field: pavement construction machinery, such as pavers; hoisting machinery, such as crawler cranes.
Electronics testing and packing, etc.
Energy conservation and environmental protection field: new energy, energy-efficient equipment, waste disposal equipment, etc.

Office equipment field: computers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc.
Medical and educational equipment, etc.

ORIX China Corporation (OCC for short)

Established in Shanghai in August 2005, the corporation is a joint-stock corporation set up by of ORIX China Investment Corporation and the Shanghai International Corporation*。
The corporation primarily covers the two business areas of finance leasing and technical leasing. For customers with requirements for diversified finance leasing and automation equipment, we can provide comprehensive supporting services ranging from technological consultation to importing finance leases.
(*Shanghai International Corporation is a window enterprise that was totally invested in and established by the Shanghai Municipal Government via Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co., Ltd., in Tokyo, Japan on August 1, 1993. Moreover, in 2002, the top four state-owned corporations in Shanghai further increased capital and shares building a comprehensive corporation.)
In the face of customers' versatile demands, we will integrate our management resources to continuously to provide advanced, extremely creative and high-quality service.

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   Operating Leasing Business

Operating leasing (short- and long-term)
Aimed at the new and high technology enterprises in industries and fields including industrial electronics manufacturing, communication and information technology, education and research development, aerospace, micro-electronics, new energy resources, bio-medicine, energy conservation and environmental protection, we provide comprehensive services such as the value-added sales of a product, application integration systems, science and technology leasing, calibration measurement, repair and maintenance, outsourcing management of technological assets and so on.

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   Leases relating to railways

The corporation provides products and services for financial leasing and operation leasing that include locomotives and vehicles, large road maintenance equipment and large loading and unloading equipment for clients.

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Installment sales
Sale of leasing assets (second-hand)
Asset acquisition/disposal of idle equipment
Import and export clearance

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Hong Kong

   Equipment Financing

The corporation's professional team can provide suitable financing solutions to satisfy clients' investment plans in different fields and industries, such as industrial mechanical equipment, construction equipment, information technology equipment, vessel equipment, etc. We customize our solutions and provide various choices to satisfy your personal and diversified needs.

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Financial leasing, operation leasing, financial services, factoring business, supplier scheduling, etc



The corporation provides ordinary leases for various machinery and equipment such as construction machines and tools, production equipment, medical equipment, OA office equipment, photocopiers, computers, etc.
Agent of sublease after import
Financing leaseback

   Installment Plans: sale by installment plans

Agent switching to installment plan after import;
Ordinary installment plans for machinery and equipment purchased by the agent.

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